Why My Pre-Teen Won’t Be Seeing Deadpool

Thanks to a little help from Julie Says So, Mama says so too!
Thanks to a little help from JulieSaysSo.com, Mama says so too!

The other night my “days away from thirteen” first born was talking about how he wants to see the new Deadpool movie. My husband, who is normally MUCH more lenient than I am when it comes to movies, instantly said, “NO! You are definitely not seeing that movie.”

When I asked why not, he said, “Have you seen Julie’s review? THAT’S why.”

Our friend Julie is a talented blogger and well known movie reviewer. I love to read her reviews. But I also know that one parent’s “no way” is another parent’s “why not”. So despite what my husband said, I thought I would see it for myself and then make my own decision on whether or not our son could see it.

And then… I actually read Julie’s review.

Deadpool uses every inch of it’s rating, and even ventures over into NC-17 territory, thanks to some fantastic sex scenes between Wade and Vanessa.

Yea. Totally not letting my pre-teen see this movie. And I don’t need to see it myself to make up my mind. Yikes!

You can check out Julie’s full article here: Julie Says So Deadpool Review

And be sure to follow her for the early scoop on all the upcoming movies.


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