Instagram – The Gateway Drug

Instagram - the gateway drug...
Instagram – the gateway drug…

I haven’t written a lot lately. Our oldest recently turned thirteen and I swear it’s like gremlins snuck into his body the same night and just completely overtook our boy. I know that this blog is only worth reading if it’s authentic. I am finding it’s a struggle trying to achieve authenticity while respecting my son’s privacy as he goes through this period in his life. So this is my first stab at it…

It’s only been about six weeks since the gremlins arrived, and the amount of time this precious child of ours has spent hating us in those six weeks is probably quadruple the whole amount of the thirteen years prior.

This new phase of parenthood and childhood is presenting the steepest learning curve we’ve experienced since those first early days as parents of a newborn. And I find that so much of the struggle is compounded by social media.

So let’s start at the beginning. Instagram. To me, it’s the gateway drug. We let boy number one get an Instagram account in fifth grade. And I’m glad we did.

Say what? Didn’t I just call it a gateway drug? Well, here’s the thing…

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Why My Pre-Teen Won’t Be Seeing Deadpool

Thanks to a little help from Julie Says So, Mama says so too!
Thanks to a little help from, Mama says so too!

The other night my “days away from thirteen” first born was talking about how he wants to see the new Deadpool movie. My husband, who is normally MUCH more lenient than I am when it comes to movies, instantly said, “NO! You are definitely not seeing that movie.”

When I asked why not, he said, “Have you seen Julie’s review? THAT’S why.”

Our friend Julie is a talented blogger and well known movie reviewer. I love to read her reviews. But I also know that one parent’s “no way” is another parent’s “why not”. So despite what my husband said, I thought I would see it for myself and then make my own decision on whether or not our son could see it.

And then… I actually read Julie’s review.

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