Whole30-ish Shaved Brussels Sprouts Cranberry Salad


There is this seasonal salad in the chef’s case at Central Market that I love. Love love love. But as with everything in the chef’s case there, it’s pricey. As I was gearing up for my attempt at a Whole 30 (actually back to back Whole 21’s, because I was NOT missing Ilene’s wine party…), I thought this would be a good thing to include in my rotation – and see if I could reproduce it and make it Whole30 compliant.

It’s not a perfect replication, I added apples and subbed pecans for walnuts, but i think it turned out pretty great. I actually ended p taking it that wine party I keep talking about and it got rave reviews. To make it truly Whole30 compliant, you would just omit the honey and Parmesan cheese.

Brussels Prep

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